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The advanced search function of the Council Index uses the basic naming scheme of the saved files to quickly find the desired council meeting and agenda.

Each file is named following a simple naming scheme. YYMon-agenda/-minutes now since every meeting has a unique year and month with the repeating trend of -agenda/-minutes then we can create a unique "ID" for each of our meetings. This ID is created by taking the unique part of the naming scheme, YYMon, and then adding -agenda/-minutes to the end to bring up the correct set of files.

If we want to bring up the agenda and minutes from the year 2001 and the month of March then we would type in 01mar into the Advanced Search box and hit enter on the keyboard.


The "YY" part of the unique ID is the abbreviated year. 2001 would be 01, 2005 would be 05, 2016 would be 16, etc.


The "Mon" part of the unique ID is the abbreviated month. See a complete list below:

January jan
February feb
March mar
April apl
May may
June jun
July jul
August aug
September sep
October oct
November nov
December dec