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Mission The Senior Computer Center of Santa Cruz offers members affordable opportunities to learn and use both Macintosh and IBM-compatible computers (also called PCs).
Classes and Computers Introductory classes are offered each session on both Macintosh and PCs. A typical beginning class meets for six two-hour sessions. A selection of intermediate classes are also taught each session. To see a sample listing of our offerings, visit our Classes page.

Classes are taught in quarterly sessions. Prior to the start of each session, a newsletter is mailed to members with course and registration information. The mailings occur on the second Fridays of March, June, September and December.

Classes are typically scheduled at a variety of times during the day, Monday-Saturday. Occasionally an evening class is offered also.

The 5 Macintosh and the 9 PCs are available to members during scheduled open lab sessions. Scanners, color printers and internet access are also available.

Membership Our heart and soul is our membership. To participate in classes or to use the computer lab, you must become a member of the Senior Computer Center of Santa Cruz. Membership is $25 per year per person, ($35 for couples) and is available to anyone at least 55 years of age. Scholarships can be made available to persons experiencing financial difficulties. A membership application can be printed out and mailed to us with your check enclosed.

Membership meetings, held four times a year, provide a social and educational opportunity for members to know each other better, to share information and to learn more about computers. Meetings are held on the third Saturday of January, April, July and October.

Staff Volunteers
Although some staff support is generously provided by the City of Santa Cruz Parks and Recreation Department, most of the work is done by volunteers. Members come, not only to learn, but to volunteer their time teaching classes, staffing the lab and helping each other out. Everyone is encouraged to participate and contribute their time and skills however they can. Great things result when we all share our knowledge. Membership meetings provide an opportunity for members to meet with each other, to share information and learn. These meetings are held four times a year, on the second Saturday of January, April, July and October.

The Coordinating Council
A volunteer Coordinating Council is elected from the membership annually to provide direction and support for activities. The Coordinating Council meets the second Wednesday of each month, and all members are welcome.

The Advisory Council
The Advisory Council is composed of qualified members of the community who advise on policy and who serve to promote the goals of the Center. We are very grateful to the following people for their support: Alan Schlenger (Chairperson), Reesa Abrams (, Cliff Anderson (UCSC), David Baskin (Baskin & Grant), Randy Delucchi (, Tom Dillon (, Al Holbert (Cabrillo College), Chris Neklason (Cruzio), Stephan Plager (MC FACS), David Rigler (Senior Computer Center), Barbara Vogl (Senior Computer Center), John Walker (Cisco Systems), and Dennis Weller (Day & Night Computer/Telecom).
Location We are located downtown Santa Cruz at the Louden Nelson Community Center, 301 Center Street (crossing Laurel Street) in Santa Cruz. Reach us by calling (831) 420-6180, or by email, Contact Us!
Credits This web site was originally created by members of the UCSC Online Publishing course. 
Significant updates by James Feagans.
Artwork was generously created by Raymond Davidson.
Senior Computer Center activities are possible due to the generous donations from Cruzio, and Pacific Bell, and to the ongoing support of the City of Santa Cruz Department of Parks and Recreation and Friends of Parks and Recreation.
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