William Ryder

I have been a member of the Computer Center for about three years and have served on the Coordinating Council serving as its Secretary. I am one of those rare persons, a Native Son of California. I can expand on that; I am a member of the fifth of seven generations in my family to claim to claim the Santa Cruz-Soquel area as my birthplace.

My Santa Cruz High School class of 1939 was a heavy contributor to the military during World War II, and I was no exception. I enlisted in the Army Air Corps. After receiving my commission I served as a squadron lead bombardier flying out of Africa and Italy. My B-24 bomber was shot down, and I became a German Prisoner of War, spending a year behind barbed wire in Poland and Nurenberg, Germany. From a combat flying weight of 187 lbs, I went to 94 lbs when I was liberated by General Patton in April, 1945.

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