1. Print this form using your browser's Print command. (We aren't able to accept credit cards; therefore you must snail mail your check and completed application to us the old-fashioned way.)
  2. Fill out Membership Application. If you are joining as a couple, each of you must fill out a Membership Form.
  3. Make check payable to Friends of Parks and Recreation (F.O.P.A.R.) Individual membership is $25. Couples may join for $35.
  4. Mail form and check to: Senior Computer Center of Santa Cruz, 301 Center Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95060
    Upon receipt, we will process your membership request and mail you a Senior Computer Center membership card. Newsletters are mailed quarterly in December, March, June and September complete with course descriptions and registration information. Registration is by mail, on a first-come, first-serve basis.



Senior Computer Center of Santa Cruz Membership Application

Date of Birth______________ Last Name_____________________ First Name______________

Mailing Address________________________________________________________________

City, State and Zip Code__________________________________________________________

Day Phone________________ Other Phone________________ E-mail_____________________

Check the following that apply to you: Beginner Intermediate Computer Literate
I am interested in classes on: Macintosh IBM-compatible Don't know
introductory classes word processing database graphics
desktop publishing internet and/or other_____________________
Would you be interested in being a volunteer? Yes No Maybe
Do you own a computer? Yes No If yes, what kind?______________________________

Please mail this form along with
a check payable to F. O. P. A. R. to:
Senior Computer Center of Santa Cruz
301 Center Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
For Office Use Only
Date Joined: ______________
Amount Paid: _____________
Renewal Date: ____________
NL ____  MC____  D ____